About us

Smart People is a specialized company, unioning IT experts with long-term experience. Its goal is to provide maximally reliable services in the area of IT, marketing, and sales support. We’re specializing particularly in administration and further broadening of information systems, with emphasis on their reliability and simplicity of usage. All systems administered by us have instant response to user’s commands, extremely low error rate and work 24 hours a day, the year-long.

We also provide IT trainings for Microsoft and Oracle platforms. Often we act as a subcontractor for almost all training companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, so it is quite possible that you and our experts have met in “competition” companies. During our existence we have taught this way thousands of IT professionals. However, it is possible to book us directly, thus avoiding unnecessarily high prices of trainings.

We value our reputation, and therefore we’ll deliver only fully-functional solutions to you. Therefore we’re giving you guarantees that nobody else gives you.

How we differentiate from our competition

  • Rigid, top-class services – we extremely care for the quality of our work. Your satisfaction is an automatic goal for us, and additionally, we strive to give you more than you expect. We react instantly on your requirements, and also try to satisfy them immediately
  • Minimal administration – we leave paperwork for the bureaus. With us you can communicate unofficially, including all orders and entering all requirements for all deliverables
  • 24-hour support – if you need nonstop support, we’re here anytime for you at your disposal, ready to help you instantly, 365 days a year
  • We’re brief and using common language – with us you can communicate using common language, straight to the point. We’re saving technical expressions or various foreign words for our experts, because our interest is to understand ourselves without problems, and not to waste your time
  • Open communication – we’ll tell you straight, what is going on and what’s the status of ongoing work